Are you interested in:

  • Decreasing your Body Fat
  • Enhancing your Moods
  • Attaining more Energy
  • Increase your Sex Drive
  • Reducing Fatigue
  • Improving your memory
  • Depression Relief

During midlife, females undergo profound changes. These changes can often result in a variety of unpleasant symptoms, such as those above.

It is with great excitement that I take this opportunity to tell you about Bio Identical Hormones. Bio Identical Hormones are all natural, non-synthetic, high quaility ingredients that are formulated to match what the body once produced.

The data supports that hormone replacement therepy with pellet implants is the most effective and the most bio-identical method to deliver hormones in both men & women. The implants are placed under the skin and consistenly release small, physiologic doses of hormones providing optimal therepy. The pellets deliver consistent, healthy levels of hormones lasting for 3-6 months. The pellets are made up of either estradiol or testosterone. They avoid the fluctuations, or ups and downs, of hormone levels seen with every other method of delivery. Estrogen delivered by subcutaneous pellets, maintains the normal ratio of estradio to estrone. This is important for optimal health and disease prevention.

In studies, when compared to conventional hormone replacement therapy, pellets have been shown to be superior for relief of menopausal symptoms, maintenance of bone density, restoration of sleep patterns, and improvement in sex drive, libido, sexual response and performance.

I truly feel that this product will be a revolutionary, beneficial alternative to many of our patients. I would like very much to discuss these benefits and determine if this product is right for you.